Rupture Disk

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General Information

Corporate Profile - [PDF 16 Pages]
A review of BS&B companies including a rich history defined by innovation, reliability, safety and excellence

Introduction to Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) Technology - [PDF 14 Pages]
A general introduction to rupture disks (bursting discs), safety head types and applications

B.I.M.S. (BS&B Inventory Management Systems, L.L.C. - [PDF 4 Pages]
Inventory management systems to ease rupture disk inventory costs, plant disruptions and production down time

Selection & Sizing

Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) Quick Reference Guide - [PDF 12 Pages]
Descriptive guide to BS&B products.

Conversion Factors - [PDF 2 Pages]
Imperial vs. metric units

Flow Coefficients (Combination Capacity Factors for Relief Valves with Rupture Disks) - [PDF 8 Pages]
Combination capacity factors of BS&B rupture disk (bursting disc)s (bursting discs) and various safety relief valves

Preventive Maintenance - [PDF 12 Pages]
Various special applications that deviate from standard practice to achieve greater flexibility in rupture disk application

Rupture Disks Combined with Safety Relief Valves - [PDF 8 Pages]
This brochure provides the facts, advantages, applications and applicable portions of the ASME Code which governs this topic

Tension Loaded Rupture Disks (Bursting Discs)

Type B™ Solid Metal Rupture Disks (Bursting Discs) - [PDF 8 Pages]
Size, material and pressure ranges of tension loaded rupture disks (bursting discs)

Tank Car Rupture Disks (Bursting Discs) Types TC™ and SR-TC™ - [PDF 2 Pages]
Surge resistant rupture disks (bursting discs) for railroad tank cars

Type D™ Composite Rupture Disks - [PDF 4 Pages]
Size, material and pressure ranges for composite type rupture disks (bursting discs), and for pressures below the minimum of Type B™ rupture disks (bursting discs)

Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) type AV™ for Atmospheric Vessels - [PDF 2 Pages]
Low cost unit for protection and isolation of atmospheric vessels, discharge manifolds, etc.

Cargo-Gard Type ITC™ and RTC™ Rupture Disks (Bursting Disc) - [PDF 4 Pages]
Specifically designed for protection of Intermodel Tank Containers

Type AVB™, VAC-SAF™ - [PDF 2 Pages]
Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB™) rupture disk (bursting disc) provides protection against both positive and overpressure implosions under vacuum conditions

The VAC-SAF™ System - [PDF 12 Pages]
Offers two-way pressure relief for overpressure and implosion protection

The NU-SAF™ Plus System - [PDF 8 Pages]
Composite and scored tension-loaded disks for low to medium rupture pressures in a low cost safety head

SAF-T-GRAF™ Graphite Disks - [PDF 8 Pages]
MB™, IMB™, and IMBL™ type impregnated graphite disks offer low burst pressures and excellent corrosion resistance

SAF-T-GRAF™ Replaceable Element Graphite Disks - [PDF 8 Pages]
RE, REL and REV type impregnated graphite disks offer low burst pressures and excellent corrosion resistance

Reverse Buckling Disks

STA-SAF® System - [PDF 20 Pages]
S90™, JRS™, FRS™, RLS™ and SKR™ reverse buckling disks. SRB-7RS™, S90-7R™ and SRB-7FS™ Safety Heads.

LPS™ Low Pressure Reverse Buckling Disk - [PDF 4 Pages]
The LPS™ rupture disk was developed to provide low burst pressures using reverse buckling technology.

SKR™ - The All Purpose Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) - [PDF 4 Pages]
The SKR™ is the first rupture disk (bursting disc) specifically developed and performance tested for use in all service conditions.

SKR-U™ - [PDF 4 Pages]
The SKR-U™ design allows for the SKR™ disk to be installed in a Threaded Union-Type Holder. Ideal for isolating small relief valves.

SVI™ Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) Assembly for Relief Valve Isolation - [PDF 2 Pages]
The S-90™ rupture disk welded into a flange used for safety relief valve isolation in fixed piping applications

RB-90® Reverse Buckling Disks - [PDF 4 Pages]
A range of reverse buckling disks requiring knife blades for their operation

QRB™ Quantum Reverse Buckling Rupture Disk - [PDF 1 Pages]
A reverse buckling style disk in small sizes and low pressures

MRB™ Machined Reverse Buckling Rupture Disk - [PDF 2 Pages]
Rupture disk particularly suited for high pressure applications

FRB™ Frustum Reverse Buckling Rupture Disk - [PDF 2 Pages]
Suited for applications in the aircraft, defense and OEM industries

SURE-SAF™ System - [PDF 4 Pages]
The CSI™ disk provides a one to one damage safety ratio in a pretorqued CSR-7RS™ safety head. May be used for liquid or gas service.

SIGMA™ and SIGMA™ EXL - [PDF 4 Pages]
Rupture Disks (Bursting Discs) for the Highest Operating Pressure in Gas or Liquid Service.

ECO-SAF™ System - [PDF 8 Pages]
A range of rupture disks (bursting discs) with integral gaskets offering the lowest burst pressures in a reverse buckling style disk

GCR-S™ Reverse Buckling Disk - [PDF 2 Pages]
Innovative design using SAF™ technology (Structural Apex Forming)offering a wide range of burst pressures for sanitary/aseptic applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries.

BIO-SAF™ System - [PDF 16 Pages]
Our comprehensive range of sanitary rupture disks (bursting discs) and holders for use in sanitary/aseptic applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food processing industries

GCR-N™ Reverse Buckling Disk - [PDF 1 Page]
The GCR-N'" and GCR-NS'" reverse buckling disks may be quickly and simply installed in a NovAseptic NA-connect® holder permitting flush mounting of the disk with the interior wall of the vessel allowing easy cleaning and sterilization.

GLP-S™ Reverse Buckling Disk - [PDF 2 Pages]
The GLP-S'" low pressure sanitary reverse buckling disk is designed for installation into sanitary/aseptic piping using the LP-C" safety head. The GLP-S adds a new capability for the designer of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food industry and other clean service pressure relief systems.

Safety Heads

Union, Bolted, Quick-Sert™ Safety Heads - [PDF 12 Pages]
A full range of safety head assemblies and accessories for use with solid metal and composite type rupture disks (bursting discs).

LO-TO-FLO™ Safety Head - [PDF 2 Pages]
A rupture disk (bursting disc) holder specifically designed for systems involving high viscosity liquids.

Threaded Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) Assemblies - [PDF 8 Pages]
The Sta-Kul™ sealed type safety head is a throwaway assembly. The screw-type safety head has a replaceable disk.

SRI-7RS Pre-torqued Safety Head - [PDF 2 Pages]
The SRI-7RS™ is a pre-torqued safety head designed for ease of handling and installation. The BS&B signature 'bite-seal' is present in all nominal sizes, optimizing leak tightness.

Explosion Vents

VENT-SAF™ Explosion Vents, #77-8015 - [PDF 8 Pages]

Type IPD Explosion Suppression Systems, #77-8020 - [PDF 2 Pages]
The BS&B Type IPD provides protection is process enclosures where dust suspended in air represents an explosion hazard.
For more information, visit BS&B's explosion suppression website,!

IQR SYSTEM™ Explosion Venting, #77-8021 - [PDF 4 Pages]

Industrial Explosion Protection, #77-8024 - [PDF 8 Pages]
An introduction to Industrial Explosion Protection and Prevention including information on venting, suppression, spark detection, isolation and testing.

Buckling Pin Relief Technology

Buckling Pin Relief Technology - [PDF 8 Pages]
The Buckling Pin Relief Valve (BPRV™) offers quick and simple field reset without removal from the piping system.

Burst Disk Monitors & Sensors

Burst Disk Monitors™ (BDM) - [PDF 4 Pages]
Detec-Saf™ alarm system provides immediate warning and specific location of disk rupture and centralized monitoring of all disk locations.

Burst Alert® Sensor - [PDF 4 Pages]
A range of sensors suitable for different rupture disk types used to provide immediate warning of a ruptured disk.

VIS-U-TEC™ Sensor - [PDF 4 Pages]
A sensor used to provide an electrical signal and visual warning of a ruptured disk.

SmartDisk™ Wireless Sensors and Monitors - [PDF 4 Pages]
The SmartDisk™ Wireless Sensor & Monitoring System brings intelligent, reliable and cost effective communications technology to pressure relief devices without the traditional expense of wiring between the pressure event sensor and the monitor. For more information, visit BS&B's wireless website,!

SmartSystem™ Selection Guide - [PDF 4 Pages]
Easy-to-use guide for selecting the flexible wireless platform for instrumentation communication and monitoring.
For more information, visit BS&B's wirelesswebsite,!

SmartSystem™ - [PDF 4 Pages]
SmartSystem™ flexible wireless instrumentation platform utilizes the same revolutionary communication technology used in SmartDisk and applies it to any simple switching application.
For more information, visit BS&B's wireless website,!

Wireless Information Technology - [PDF 8 Pages]
Introduction to wireless communication technology and instrumentation platforms.
For more information, visit BS&B's wireless website,!